Management Training


Empower Your Team!

Pamela Grant will empower your team to become a success in whatever challenges your company faces. She will also coach your managers and supervisors how to become more effective in their roles.



All training workshops can be customized to your particular company or team!


Working with Pamela Grant will enable your team to:

  • Learn to appreciate the unique qualities of each team member and use his or her talents to enhance team success.
  • Identify and manage stress for individual and team health.
  • Proactively eliminate conflict before it begins.
  • Deal effectively with conflict when it does happen.






  • Use proven interview techniques to determine the best applicants for job postings.
  • Set and maintain high performance standards.
  • Use the DISC® assessment as a selection tool for new hires or assisting employees to improve their team performance.
  • Form superb organizational skills.






Management Consulting Clients

Management Training ranges from the provision of integrated multi-skilled teams to lead your initiative, to the appointment of single project managers specializing in change, large or small, complicated or not. Pamela Grant has worked with many clients producing exceptional results for:

Doctors & Dentist
Medicine involves leadership

Nearly all physicians and dentist take on significant leadership responsibilities over the course of their career, but unlike any other occupations where management skills are important, neither are taught how to lead nor are they typically rewarded for good leadership. In medicine, physicians and dentist not only begin managing and directing teams early in their careers, but they rise through the ranks uniformly.

Managers & First time Supervisors
Be an effective leader and problem-solver

Management training for managers and supervisors at all levels teach vital skills needed to keep employees motivated, productive and committed to the company. A manager who knows how to properly communicate direction and assign tasks helps employees to be more productive, with less need for overbearing micromanagement.

Avoid many of the pitfalls while building your business

A successful entrepreneur has management skills to accurately research their market and develop a comprehensive, multi-year business plan. This includes accounting for growth and development, taking on employees, financing operations and marketing and running or overseeing the day-to-day business functions.

Executive Management
Boosting leadership skills and provide critical new knowledge to business leaders

The demands for corporate training and leadership skills are changing along with the evolving business climate. Senior managers who hone their ability to lead individuals, teams and organizations with high impact are better prepared to take on new responsibilities and more important positions.